Pitman Masonic Lodge #197 Free and Accepted Masons

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Lodge Events  

Feb. 3rd, Blood Drive. Register with the Red Cross

Feb. 11th, Lodge Breakfast

Feb. 14th, Regular Communication, Visit the OES at 

            Master Mason night at Mantua lodge.

Feb. 23rd, DLI hosted at our lodge.

March 4th, Table Lodge- Clarksboro

            Please see lodge officers for details.

District Lodge Meetings  

Mantua: Second Thursday of the month.

Pennsgrove-Excelsior: First Wednesday of the month.

Clarksboro: First Monday of the month.

Williamstown: First and third Tuesday of the month.

Woodstown: The first Tuesday of the month.

Pitman: The second Tuesday of the month



                                             Message from the Worshipful Master

Greetings my brothers,

            I hope that everyone had a nice New Years and holiday season. Well it’s time to kick off 2023.

            We had our first meeting in January and everything went well. We also had our first All You Can Eat Breakfast in January, The lodge turned a nice profit. I would like to see more brothers come out to support our lodge events. We all work very hard to give the community a great breakfast at a very reasonable price.

            In February we will have a short meeting of our regular communication then we will head over to Mantua lodge to support the Eastern Star’s Master Mason night.

            Finally brothers, never look down on a fellow Mason unless you are giving him a hand to help him up.

            Stay safe and healthy and may the Grand Architect of the Universe bless and keep you.


“Gates of the Temple”

"The Temple of King Solomon had only one entrance or portal, but the walls of the enclosure had a gate at each point of the compass. Freemasonry makes special symbolic use of three of these gates, the one on the east, the one on the west, and the one on the south. The gates are symbols of the progress of the sun rising in the east, reaching its zenith in the south and setting in the west. They also symbolize birth, life and death, as well as youth, manhood and old age. "        Washington Lodge #20, CA, Masonic Dictionary


Fraternal Greetings,

Keith Lypka, Worshipful Master

Attest: Michael Paris, Secretary


Lodge Dues

The dues for Pitman Lodge will be $150 for the year(2023). We have made it easier for you to pay your dues. Click on the link to Paypal and you can 

pay with a credit/debit card or your Paypal account. You may also scan the QR code on your mobile device to pay. Thank you.



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